BMW 2022 G87 M2 Rumors

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BMW to not reinvent the wheel on this new generation and we certainly are not complaining. 

In the last week, there have been rumors and reports regarding the next generation of one of BMW’s latest additions to their lineup – the M2. The M2 joined the lineup in 2015 as a nod to their past M cars like the E46 M3 and the E82 1M (not to be confused with the M1). The M2 was a smaller rear wheel drive six-cylinder turbocharged coupe that was back to basics in a time where BMW continued to integrate more technology in their vehicles. In 2018, BMW lifted the 360 horsepower N55 out of the M2 and put in the S55 from the M3/M4. With some other tweak including the breaks, they created the more powerful and expensive M2 competition.


Image of current BMW M2 Competition


Both versions of the M2 proved to be successes on the salesfloor, the track and the road. With reports surfacing about the next generation G87 M2, BMW seems to be keeping the same great formula – a rear wheel drive, turbocharged six-cylinder coupe with nimble handling and a manual option. The power will be delivered once again from the engine found in the next generation of M3/M4 – the S58. In the G87 M2, it is predicted to have 420 horsepower and 406 lb/ft of torque. This is a 15 horsepower bump from the previous M2 competition which may seem small when you consider the S58 will put out nearly 475 horsepower in the M3. Given the nature of BMW’s lineup, they cannot release the M2 with numbers that are too close to the M3 without creating redundancy and cannibalizing their sales. Not to worry… those power numbers in a small coupe will still provide one hell of a punch. It is also rumored that the next generation may share some chassis architecture with the Z4 and therefore the Toyota Supra. This adjustment in chassis could inject more sports car DNA into an already sporty platform. Keep in mind this M2 will be a coupe and should not be confused with the 2 Series Gran Coupe which has 4 doors despite the nomenclature.

No teaser photos have been released yet to give us an idea on the styling. Given the general development of BMW’s design language in the latest generations, we can assume they will include more aggressive body lines, shorter and wider taillights, and other new-gen BMW styling cues. We are very curious to see how they evolve the styling of the first generation – especially the kidney grills that have seem to grow exponentially throughout the entire lineup. With a debut scheduled for 2022, we will have to wait some months or even a year before getting more information or pictures of the G87 M2. We hope to see some teaser photos by the end of 2020 or possibly early in 2021.  

In an era where sports cars are diminishing into computer controlled point and shoot cars, it is refreshing to hear this news of a sports coupe with a manual option coming from BMW in years to come. Considering the release date is two years off, all of this information should be taken as conjecture and we will look for confirmation from BMW. Let us know what you think about the G87 M2 the comments below! 

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