Prior Design Might Give the BMW M3 and M4 the Look You Were Hoping For

Prior Design USA teased this picture of this modified G82 M4 on their Instagram page here. With the latest design of the BMW M3 and M4 - specifically the front grills that have grown far beyond their well-known kidney shape that has adorned the front end of the German brand's vehicles for decades.

BMW M4 Prior Design

 The oversized grills are certainly a step away from the norm and the internet has not accepted them with a warm welcome. We at Tach Time, believe that this picture found on BMW Blog that was released looks pretty damn sharp! It might just be the batmobile look that takes the eye away from the grills. 

BMW M3 Performance Parts

Amongst the many generations of M3s, we know the  owners of the E30, E36, E46, E92, and F80 (listed to show just how long the M3 design language has been maintained) are thankful their cars are amongst the very finest in automotive styling. featuring sublime proportions including wide hips, reasonably sized kidney grills, and of course, the Hofmeister Kink - a styling cue that has become nearly as synonymous with BMW as Angel Eyes. 

Thankfully for those that prefer the cutting edge technology and next level luxury of a late model BMW, Prior Design might be answering your prayers when it comes to the front end of the 2021 M3/M4. The teaser picture shows an aggressive looking M4 bumper which looks a lot closer to what everyone expected to come from our Bavarian friends. With the conversion, the bottom half of the grills will be removed and replaced with a single inlet while keeping two auxiliary inlets on either side. 









Here is another render from zer.o.wt on Instagram that features larger grills, but they have a more angular look that fits in with the rest of the design. The aggressive look of this bumper certainly is menacing, but likely a bit over the top to come from the factory. Which one of the front ends is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!  

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