Our Story

Tach Time Watches was founded by automotive enthusiast Ian Sweeney. Years before Ian founded Tach Time Watches, he inherited his love for automobiles from his father. He grew up at the racetrack and drag strip with the smell of high octane fuel in the air. When it finally became his turn to take the wheel, he learned how to drive a manual in a BMW 330CI ZHP E46 Coupe. Since then, his affinity for all things automotive has only grown. With an interest in timepieces, Ian began to ponder how he could bring his two passions together in a unique way. After months of designing and planning, Tach Time Watches offered their first product - a tachometer inspired watch called the Turn of the Century. Through Tach Time Watches, Ian has been able to bring automotive enthusiasts together through their shared passion while offering stylish wristwear.